Starting the day

Every morning when my big old mutt of a dog wakes up he stretches out his paws in front of him and does the best, most literal, downward dog I’ve seen. Then he stretches the back legs. Every. Single. Morning. Actually, make that about 20 times per day. (We kept track out of curiosity one day and discovered that he sleeps for 20 of the 24 hours in each day, if left to his own devices. Envy.)

I on the other hand usually wake to the sound of Sam waking in his crib and beginning to babble. (He gets some serious stretching done too before getting up to his pudgy little feet.) And I leap from bed, get in to the bathroom, throw on some clothes, tie up my hair, brush my teeth — if I’m lucky. And my day is off and running. No stretching of any kind.

So, inspired by dog and baby, I’m going to do my utmost to make a quick bit of yoga my new start to the day. A fall resolution.

Wish me luck.